• Does the plug always need to be plugged in?

    The little receiver plug on the case does always need to be plugged into the phone if you want the wireless charging feature to work. You can unplug the cable if you need to use the port for another reason.
  • Do I need the magnetic ring if I have the case?

    If you have the SnapCase, please do not use any extra magnetic rings as this may interfere with the wireless charging. If you have the SnapCase Mag, you may choose to place another magnetic ring on the outside if you want a stronger hold. However make sure you place it in the correct spot and ma...
  • What phones are the SnapCase for?

    The SnapCase is designed for older generation iPhones that did not get the Qi wireless feature built-in. The SnapCase has a wireless charging transmitter built inside, along with a magnetic ring, therefore transmitting wireless power to your phone from the back of the case via an adapter that plu...