Magnetic Rings

  • Is any included? Do I need to buy extra ones?

    There is x1 magnetic ring included in every SnapMount box. If you require extras for any reason at all, we do sell them individually in a 3 pack.
  • It won’t stick on?

    Please make sure peel off the 3M seal sticker first. Also, make sure to clean the surface area before you apply the ring to have the maximum stickiness.
  • Why do I need these? Do I need these?

    If you are using the SnapMount then the magnetic ring is used to help your phone magnet onto the car mount. The ring can be placed on either your phone or phone case. There is 1 magnetic ring included in the box.
  • Will it damage my phone?

    Unlike other brands, we have custom designed our magnetic rings. It is made from a special matte metal material that is bendable and flexible. We have kept this in mind as we ourselves do not want to damage our phone.